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Christmas Light Tours

✨ Bring back the magic this Christmas 🎄❄

✨Book your light tour and experience Sioux Falls'  ❄Winter Wonderland❄

Meet Our Fleet

Galaxy Gaming busta Move.png
Image by Matt Gross

20 - 30 Passengers

Premier Leather Seats

Interior designed by Krystal Koach

Adjustable Fiber Optic Lighting

Vertical Hand Rails

Premium Sound System

CD/DVD player with AUX connection

Bluetooth connection

Two Flat Screen TVs

Space for multiple Coolers

Built-In Cooler

Black Daniels

30 Seater Bus_edited.jpg
Image by Matt Gross

16 - 26 Passengers

Complete with LED lighting

Skarr audio system with AUX connection

Bluetooth connection

Vertical Hand Rails

Whiskey Tour

Tequila Sunrise Interior II.jpg
Image by Matt Gross

Meet the sunrise in our newest addition, the Tequila Sunrise!

15 - 20 Passengers

Premier Seating

Built-in Cup Holders

Vertical Handrails

Premier Sound System

Tequila Sunrise

Tequila Sunrise Interior.jpg
Image by Matt Gross

Don't let the sunset on

this experience!

15 - 20 Passengers

Premier seating with built-in cup holders

Premier sound system

Vertical handrails

Adjustable fiber optic lighting

Malibu Sunset

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